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Mini AK-47 Assault Rifle (TAR 3) – Made In India ( Ordinance Factory, Trichy ) Indian Smallest Assault Rifle | IOF Tiruchirappalli Made Baby TAR Rifle Compact Version of Trichy Assault Rifle | Baby TAR-3 | Defense Gyan | Defense Update | Defense News| In this Video we Told about Indian Ordinance Factory Made Baby TAR Newly Developed India’s Smallest Assault Rifle Or we can Say Baby TAR-3 Rifle is Compact Version of Trichy Assault Rifle and Trichy rifle is the copy Of AK-47 Rifle So We Can Say That Baby TAR Rifle is the Compact Version of AK-47 or Mini AK-47 | So Explained about Baby TAR Rifle Which is Compact Version of Rifle Of Trichy Rifle |